Hello! I am a professional licensed tour guide in Japan.

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Tokyo, Yokohama,Kamakura,Nikko,Hakone,Kyoto,etc.. How to buy train tickets, JR pass, How to order the meal, pay money, How to communicate with Japanese, How to say in Japanese, How to explain your situation, How to buy a medicine, What should you do? Let me know. I will give you some advices! Thank you.

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Japan Japanese Japanese culture,history,habits, Philosophy. All of it!


Japanese culture, Japanese garden,Japanese local food and sweet!

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Hello! For 5 years I have worked as a licensed tour guide in Japan,including Tokyo, Yokohama,Nikko,Hakone,Kyoto,Osaka,Hiroshima,etc.. Throughput the country! I could guide for a various kinds of people, including Americans,English,Australians,Canadians,Singapore’s,Arabicas,Indians,Germany,etc.. For more than 17 years I worked at one of the major US airline as a flight attendant from NRT to major cities:JFK, SFO, US. So I basically like to take care of people. Also, I have a licensed medical interpreter. When you need an interpreter in the drug store or hospital,I can interpret you. Nick name is coco. I was born in Nagano prefecture. I can help you Snow Money and Matsumoto Castle in Nagano prefecture. Whenever you can help me,I am very appreciated it. I hope that you may have a good trip in Japan. Thank you for your kindness.






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