#59 Wired Cafe, Osaka This cafe has a lot of lunch varieties. Wifi is always available. Try to eat healthy lunch and relax here. I personally like the atmosphere too;)

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Ōsaka-shi, Japan1 months ago

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#67 Osaka Vending machine Vending machines are everywhere in Japan! Especially, you will see vending machines that sell reasonable drinks in Osaka. Coffee costs just 50 yen

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Hirakata-shi, Japan | Osaka Vending machine2 days ago

#66 Kiyomizu temple, Kyoto That's the best place to visit in Kyoto. When it comes to spring, you can see fully bloomed flower! When it comes to autumn, you will see leaves changing.

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Kyoto, Japan | 清水寺4 days ago

#65 ハービス大阪 リッツカールトンの横に位置する高級デパート。 沢山のブランドが入っているので、高級品を購入したい方は是非どうぞ。


Ōsaka-shi, Japan | ハービス4 days ago

#64 Kurama temple, Kyoto it has big impact from typhoons. But it’s known as Tengu city. Tengu are a type of legendary creature found in Japanese folk religion and are also considered a type of Shinto god. Actually, Kylie was there last month

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Kyoto, Japan | 鞍馬寺, 鞍馬, 鞍馬駅1 weeks ago

#63 淡路駅 少し大阪から離れたところなんですが、人が少なく商店街や飲み屋さんをゆっくりできます。 また、スポーツ市民会館があるのでスポーツしたり、和室でお茶をしたりできます。 個人的に淡路駅の漢字好きです。

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Ōsaka-shi, Japan | 淡路駅1 weeks ago

#62 Kyoto University, Kyoto This is historical university because this is the second oldest university in Japan. They do have a lot of restaurants in campus. They even have Italian authentic restaurant. You should go there and feel our history’

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2 weeks ago

#61 raw cream burger, Numba, Japan. This raw cream is from Hokkaido where the milk is pretty famous in Japan. just 2 hours authentic taste guaranteed, so eat there or eat as soon as possible. It is pretty soft and creamy;) You gotta try at least one time.


Ōsaka-shi, Japan2 weeks ago

#60 Kurasushi, anywhere in Japan. They have so many options of sushi! You will be greedy for sure. Sushi has been carried by you and you can pick up whenever you want to eat. Also, each dish cost like $1 Great deal right?


Katano-shi, Japan1 months ago

#58 Kifune shrine, Kyoto This place is located at away from Kyoto city. However, it is surrounded by natural forest. Even summer season, it is really cool! This fortune is very unique. You just put a paper on the water. See your fortune!

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Kyōto-shi, Japan1 months ago

#57 Ikkyu, Kyoto. If you like a hot spring, I strongly recommend here. It is really big and relaxed place. They have various hot springs Try to find your favorite one;) Let me know


Ōsaka-shi, Japan1 months ago