#48 Chikasyokudougai Osaka, Japan It’s located near the sky garden building! It expresses pretty Japanese traditional street. Take pictures with things there;) FEEL Japan! Enjoy Japan!

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Osaka, Japan2 weeks ago

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#57 Ikkyu, Kyoto. If you like a hot spring, I strongly recommend here. It is really big and relaxed place. They have various hot springs Try to find your favorite one;) Let me know


Ōsaka-shi, Japan5 days ago

#56 ターキーラン、ネバダ州、アメリカ 毎年サンクスギビングデイの朝に行われるターキーラン! 3キロ、5キロ、10キロから選べます。 おまけでサンクスギビングデイでアメリカのファミリーと食べた料理を載せました✨

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Sparks, United States1 weeks ago

#55 Reno arch, downtown Reno ダウンタウンリノ、ネバダ州、アメリカ。 ラスベガスが嫌という方は北のラスベガス、リノにお越しください。 1ドルからベットできます。 そして、これはハロウィン。 みんなでコスチューム来て歩き回ります。

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Reno, United States1 weeks ago

#54 Nakazakityo, Osaka. There are a lot of fancy places here. A lot of tourists came down here to take cute pictures for their Instagram. If you love fancy cafe, please check it out

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Osaka, Japan1 weeks ago

#53 Historical Omurice restaurant, queen in Sonezakicyo, Osaka It is really great omurice! It was broadcasted in TV. A lot of famous Japanese actors also came here! They all recommended! Let’s try at least once!


Osaka, Japan1 weeks ago

#52 Omoide Yokotyo, Tokyo There are various local bars here. You can try traditional foods here. Drink, Eat, have fun

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Shinjuku City, Japan1 weeks ago

#51 Sun plaza Nakano, Tokyo A lot of events are going on here. I want you all to try to get either breakfast, lunch, or dinner at least one time. It has many conference rooms and hotels altogether. Nakano is obviously one of the most developing city in Tokyo.

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Nakano City, Japan1 weeks ago

#50 Observatory of Tokyo metropolitan It’s really major sightseeing area in Tokyo. You can get there for free and there are cafes and stores that sell some Japanese items. You can see most outstanding stuff in Tokyo.

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Shinjuku City, Japan1 weeks ago

#49 サンタモニカ カリフォルニア州、アメリカ ロサンゼルスのビーチといったらここ! 小さい遊園地もありますし、ルート66の写真スポットもあります。 ビーチバレーしましょう笑

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Santa Monica, United States2 weeks ago

#47 Starbucks Reserve It is pretty brand new Starbucks in Osaka. If you wanna try something luxury stuff, Please try to go here! This Uganda’s one was really great. Not too bitter, it tastes very rich.


Osaka, Japan2 weeks ago