HI!How are you doing? This book makes you synchronization! What’s ?The plot is to find your mind deeply and carefully and you r wishes will be granted by key of Synchro. The story is wrtten in Japanese comics, which is the first comics book published in Japan about psychology mixed with Synchronization. Once you get the key of Synchro, your life can be changed dramatically! How nice it is

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Chiyoda City, Japan3 months ago

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Hello! How are you doing? This book makes you epoch-making in your history! It is Japanese pop -culture, cartoons, however,the plot is about Synchronization, which is called Synchro. Are you interested in Synchro? In the book a working woman suffered from her life such as job,love,and relationship.Finally,she can reach at the final goal which she wants from her soul. Please try to read it!

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Ota City, Japan3 months ago

Strawberry hunting! I guided for guests!

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Mishima, Japan6 months ago

I have just visited Kawazu-Sakura 3 days ago as a guide. It was Kawazu-Sakura! Is it cute!

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Kawazu, Japan6 months ago

Now the train stated! With 300 km per hour Shinkansen,bullet train has operated. I will meet to the American’s clients from Kyoto. To guide for them, I will guide Hakone,Lake Ashi,and Mt.Fuji. Tomorrow we will go to Kawazu-sakura,Cherry blossoms!

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Chuo City, Japan6 months ago

Before I got on train I got a bottle of hot green tea in the shop. Inside train, the first come, the first take. There are many people make a q.

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Chiyoda City, Japan6 months ago

I wait for opening the doors before departure. From Tokyo station it is the termination. I do not have a reserved seat ticket. I should wait the compartment without reservation from car No. 1-7. I chosen Car NO.1.

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Chiyoda City, Japan6 months ago

When I got ticket in the window, then I put ticket into the automated ticket machine, and check the panel in front of me. Before getting on train, we need the time table which train is much better. Today the final destination is Mishima. Some trains do not stop. I chose a train of Kodama.

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Chiyoda City, Japan6 months ago

Good morning! I am now trying to get on Shinkansen, bullet train from Tokyo station!

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Chiyoda City, Japan6 months ago

The first Cherry blossoms in this year can be seen in Yokohama today. How cute it is!

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Yokohama, Japan7 months ago

I have just visited to Yokohama stadium in 2002 for a tour. The rocker room of the stadium was used for the final match of Brazil team.

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Yokohama, Japan7 months ago