This is Griffith Observatory, famous for the place of “LA LA LAND” Very great night view, Isn’t it? If you go to Los Angels, check it out!!👍

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Los Angeles2 weeks ago

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こちらは上野公園の桜です🌸 満開シーズンには人で賑わっていてほのぼのとした雰囲気で溢れていました😊 台湾人の彼女も満足していました😊 #funtime

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Taito City1 weeks ago

1枚目はニューヨークのマック! これでもかってぐらいマックのマークが主張されています笑 タイムズスクエアのすぐ隣にあるマックなので興味がある人は行ってみてください。 ちなみに2枚目は渋谷のマック笑 いい感じに対抗してます笑笑

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New York1 weeks ago

こちらは台湾の台中にある「高美野生動物保護区」 台湾のウユニ塩湖とも言われています 風の無い日に行くとまさにウユニ塩湖のような景色を見ることができます! 写真は台湾人の彼女と一緒に😘 #funtime

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2 weeks ago

This is Taiwan, Shilin market!! This market is very huge, and you can buy many stuffs cheaply 😊 If you want to eat so much, just go there. You are going to get fat😂

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1 months ago

This is NewYork, most busiest city in the world. If you want to see this amazing view, I recommend you to go to Rockefeller center. You can see Empire State Billing from there😏

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New York1 months ago

This is Tokyo tower 🗼 If you go to Tokyo, you should go to see it. It’s a symbol of Tokyo. It’s awesome to see both at night and afternoon:) Check it out in a whole day!!!


Minato City1 months ago

Have you ever experienced gorgeous cruise? It’s very cool :) You can eat anything, anytime with anybody. You can go to the gym. You can enjoy big pool. Check it out :)

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1 months ago

This is Osaka, great town for many foods, culture and buildings. Osaka is different from Tokyo at all! If you want to enjoy foods or funny people, go to Osaka😊

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Ōsaka-shi1 months ago

If you want to look around Tokyo from the high view, go here!! It’s free to go, and enjoy enough😊 There are other observatory in Tokyo, but it costs a little bit.

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1 months ago

Night view in Yokohama is very awesome✨ You can get on the Ferris wheel, and see so some view from the sky😊

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1 months ago