This is Griffith Observatory, famous for the place of “LA LA LAND” Very great night view, Isn’t it? If you go to Los Angels, check it out!!👍

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Los Angeles2 months ago

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This is Osaka prefecture. Many good foods like Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, kushikatsu... If you want to enjoy Japanese foods, it’s great to go Osaka!!

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Ōsaka-shi, Japan4 days ago

This is Tokyo skytree😊 It’s higher than Tokyo tower🗼 And it’s more modern than that 👍


Sumida City, Japan1 months ago

This is 漫画喫茶(Mangakissa) in Japan!! You can stay here around ¥2,000/12hour Also you can read a bunch of books, and eat ice cream, soup, drinks... Check it out!!!

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Minato City, Japan1 months ago

This is merlose Ave, in Los Angeles. This Avenue is very fashionable and instagood!! If you like to take a emotional pics, go there!!

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Los Angeles, United States1 months ago

Meguro river in cherry blossoms season is great!! There are so many cherry blossoms. And so many people...:) Have a great day!!

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Meguro City, Japan1 months ago

Japanese shushi🍣 and sukiyaki are the best foods in the world!!! If you don’t know what you should eat, eat them first. You are going to be fascinated 😊


Mito, Japan1 months ago

This is Tokyo tower🗼 It’s a symbol of Tokyo. Most of tourists go there when they visit japan 🇯🇵 Check it out 🤟🤟


Minato City, Japan2 months ago

This is Ashikaga flower park. There are tons of flowers in this park🌸 If you like flowers, you should go there!! #funtime

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Ashikaga2 months ago

メキシコのカンクンは海やセノーテ好きの人には最高の場所です 水が透き通ってる 一年中暖かい気候☀️ 安い物価💰 一生に一度は見ておきたい場所です! #funtime

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Cancún2 months ago

こちらは上野公園の桜です🌸 満開シーズンには人で賑わっていてほのぼのとした雰囲気で溢れていました😊 台湾人の彼女も満足していました😊 #funtime

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Taito City2 months ago