System usage fee

The Kinpen Service charges the following fees.

Guest service fees

We charge guests 18% of the reservation subtotal as a service fee, every time a purchase is completed. The decimal point is suppressed. If the reservation subtotal is less than minimum-guest-service-fee, we charge guests minimum-guest-service-fee as shown in the table below. Guests see this fee on the checkout page before they book a reservation. In areas where we’re required to collect VAT, we’ll combine the service fee and VAT amounts on the checkout page, so the service fee may appear to be greater than 18%.

minimum guest service fee
Australia2 AUD
Austria2 EUR
Belgium2 EUR
Canada2 CAD
Denmark15 DKK
Finland2 EUR
France2 EUR
Germany2 EUR
Hong Kong15 HKD
Ireland2 EUR
Italy2 EUR
Luxembourg2 EUR
Netherlands2 EUR
New Zealand2 NZD
Norway15 NOK
Portugal2 EUR
Singapore2 SGD
Spain2 EUR
Sweden15 SEK
Switzerland2 CHF
United Kingdom2 GBP
United States2 USD

For chips, the amount of chips, which the guest input, shall be the amount including the system usage fee of 18%. We will pay the Kinpal with the amount excluding the system usage fee. In the case of chips, there is no minimum-guest-service-fee.

Kinpal service fees

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We charge hosts 6% service fee of Kinpal service subtotal, every time a purchase is completed. The Kinpal service fee is automatically deducted from the payout to the Kinpal.

Kinpal transfer date

Closing at the end of the month, payment on arund 20th of following month.

Kinpal transfer fee

We charge transfer fee at the timing of transfer, as shown in the table below. The Kinpal service fee is automatically deducted from the payout to the Kinpal.

transfer fee
Australia0.25 AUD
Austria0.1 EUR
Belgium0.1 EUR
Canada0.25 CAD
Denmark5 DKK
Finland0.1 EUR
France0.1 EUR
Germany0.1 EUR
Hong Kong5 HKD
Ireland0.1 EUR
Italy0.1 EUR
Luxembourg0.1 EUR
Netherlands0.1 EUR
New Zealand0.25 NZD
Norway5 NOK
Portugal0.1 EUR
Singapore0.5 SGD
Spain0.1 EUR
Sweden5 SEK
Switzerland0.55 CHF
United Kingdom0.1 GBP
United States0.25 USD

Established On: 30 July, 2018
Revised On: 13 September, 2018

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