Prize for post

As there were so many users who participated in the first contest, we are holding a second contest.
The contest theme is “My Recent Favorites." Share your recent favorites with all the other users and find out about their recent favorites. The top 3 contestants who earned the most “likes" will win an “Osmo Pocket."

1. Submit a post on your recent favorites.
* Submit your post after selecting the “Contest" checkbox.
* You can submit two or more posts but only the posts with the top five number of “likes" will be targets.

2. Share your posts on SNS and social media to increase the number of “likes" for them.

There are also prizes for those who like posts.

Entry qualifications

- Those who submitted posts during the contest period
- Those who post photos taken with “Osmo Pocket" to KINPEN after winning it

- Post a photo that you have taken yourself. Do not use a photo that you find on the Web.
- A user can press the “Like" button only once for one post. Anyone who impersonates other users will be disqualified from the contest.
- Any user who defeats the purpose of this contest, violates the terms of service of KINPEN, or otherwise commits an act that is deemed to be inappropriate by the management team may be disqualified from the contest.

Selection process

Top 3 contestants who earned the most “likes" during the contest period will win an “Osmo Pocket."
The contest results will be announced on the KINPEN app or the following official Twitter account.


This contest and Apple Inc. are not related at all.

Terms of Service