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Troppo carini per mangiare:-))) Sono biscotti animali. #funtime


Meguro City1 days ago

This is a world-famous Japanese sweets shop 'IKKOAN' in Myogadani. IKKOAN have collaborated with famous patissiers overseas. Warabi-mochi is amazing especially. You'd better reserve to buy them before going to the shop. #japanesesweets #sweets #myogadani #ikkoan #funtime

#food #shopping #一幸庵

Bunkyo City1 weeks ago

This is one of my favorite places in Japan. I like the ambiance of this cafe surrounded by glass on three sides, I’m happy just to take a cup of coffee :-)) #momofgirl #withkids #funtime

#food #leisure #culture #kids #根津美術館 #NEZUCAFE

Minato City1 weeks ago

NARITAYA is serving only Halal food and vegetarians food🍜🍛 It's the most famous Halal restaurant for Muslim & Vegetarian. #Halal #funtime #funtime

#food #culture #成田屋 浅草

Taito City2 weeks ago

This is Griffith Observatory, famous for the place of “LA LA LAND” Very great night view, Isn’t it? If you go to Los Angels, check it out!!👍

#leisure #nature

Los Angeles2 weeks ago

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