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Ukiha is one of the best driving spots🚙💨 You can enjoy picking fruit (🍓, 🍇, pears, persimmons etc.), eating delicious local food and seeing beautiful nature!🌱 My recommendation is white walls street. There’re over 200-year houses! #Ukiha #Fukuoka #drive

#food #leisure #culture #nature #shopping #Ukiha

2 days ago

【フルーツ王国うきは市】 大分県との県境にある福岡県うきは市。 柿や桃・葡萄などフルーツの生産で有名ですが、江戸時代末期からの白壁屋敷やお洒落な雑貨屋さん、美味しいカフェや写真映えする美しい風景などでも話題になりつつあります📸 福岡市内から高速に乗って約1時間🚙💨 小さな町ですが、終日遊べます🎶

#food #leisure #culture #nature #shopping #うきは市

2 days ago

Have you ever experienced gorgeous cruise? It’s very cool :) You can eat anything, anytime with anybody. You can go to the gym. You can enjoy big pool. Check it out :)

#food #leisure #shopping #stay

3 days ago

【Yobuko Fisherman’s Market St.】 Yobuko is known as a inlet side small town in Saga. The fisherman’s market is held every morning☀️ There’re a lot of seafood on the street! Squids, turban shells, sea urchins and so on🦑🐚 You should drive to Yobuko🚙💨🎶 #fishermansmarket #yobuko #saga

#food #shopping #Yobuko Morning Market Street

Karatsu4 days ago

"6nen-4kumi" is a Japanese style bar (izakaya) that provides the customers the experience of elementary school in Japan. It sounds strange but must be wonderful experience!! #6nen4kumi #izakaya #osaka

#food #culture #食べ放題専門学校 居酒屋 6年4組 北新地分校

Ōsaka-shi5 days ago

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