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Breakfast in Poland🇵🇱 Never wondered how delicious breakfast this was!! My topical stereotypes about Poland were poor cuz I learned lots of history of them. But I didn’t feel anything about it. Especially food were great!! I had this awesome breakfast with polish friend. She said topical polish break fast was this, lots of food!! #ポーランド #旅

#food #leisure #culture #stay #learning

Kraków, Poland | Kraków2 days ago

#67 Osaka Vending machine Vending machines are everywhere in Japan! Especially, you will see vending machines that sell reasonable drinks in Osaka. Coffee costs just 50 yen

#food #shopping

Hirakata-shi, Japan | Osaka Vending machine2 days ago

#66 Kiyomizu temple, Kyoto That's the best place to visit in Kyoto. When it comes to spring, you can see fully bloomed flower! When it comes to autumn, you will see leaves changing.

#culture #nature #shopping

Kyoto, Japan | 清水寺4 days ago

Speaking English,Russian,Arabic and little bit Spanish

#culture #learning

Egypt | Asyut 1 weeks ago

#64 Kurama temple, Kyoto it has big impact from typhoons. But it’s known as Tengu city. Tengu are a type of legendary creature found in Japanese folk religion and are also considered a type of Shinto god. Actually, Kylie was there last month

#leisure #culture #nature

Kyoto, Japan | 鞍馬寺, 鞍馬, 鞍馬駅1 weeks ago

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