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This is merlose Ave, in Los Angeles. This Avenue is very fashionable and instagood!! If you like to take a emotional pics, go there!!

#culture #shopping

Los Angeles, United States2 days ago

Rudy’s I love this Texas-style BBQ restaurant in Chandler. It’s little bit far from PHX, but still 10-15 minutes to get there. System is little bit complicated, but basically just see cashier and order by weight. I recommend their pork ribs!! #アメリカ #アリゾナ #BBQ #旅 #旅行 #funtime

#food #leisure #culture

Chandler, United States3 days ago

Hole in the Rock🏜 Yap, this rock has hole. This place is easy to access from PHX airport and downtown. It’s located in Papago Park. This is obviously natural born. If you’re a person who likes to climb you can go to top of it... #アメリカ #旅 #旅行 #アリゾナ #funtime

#leisure #culture #nature

Phoenix4 days ago

Desert Botanical Garden🌵 This is a place to feel something Arizona🏜 There are more than 15,000 plants in this garden and those are mostly native plants. Also, this garden holds many fan activities throughout a year. Tip: Avoid during summer extremely hot🥵 #アメリカ #旅 #アリゾナ #funtime

#leisure #culture #nature #stay #learning #kids

Phoenix, United States5 days ago

Boston🇺🇸 If you like a history of independence of the US, here is your place to visit. Boston is topical old American style town. You can see many of buildings which built before or around independence. Don’t forget to taste New England Clam Chowder✨ #アメリカ #ボストン #旅 #旅行 #funtime

#food #leisure #culture #stay

Boston, United States6 days ago

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